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The Fantasy Movie Rating Community

Who are you?

Which Fantasy Character Are You?
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Remember the old fantasy films from the 80s that you could get lost in? When you used to sing along with Labyrinth, and day-dream in math class about saving Fantasia. Your copy of The Dark Crystal was worn out from watching it so much - or perhaps all you wanted to do was touch a unicorn. It is even possible that you still feel that way! I know I do.

Ever wonder which character you'd most resemble?

We'll tell you! (And you'll get a pretty little stamp to put in your info.)

Your head mod here is little_nimue, with cyniadexsmiles.

New Members

1. Read the rules. (look, see, you've already started!)

2. Submit your application.

3. After you submit your application, participating in the community by voting is encouraged. Be good little sprites and help others in the community by voting on them!

4. Your survey and pictures must be behind a LJ-cut. Not doing so just take up so much space! To use a LJ cut, use this code: <***lj-cut text="your text here"****> Place this at the beginning and remove the stars. At the end of your text, <****/lj-cut***>. Remove the stars.

5. As the subject, to show you read the rules, put "Once upon a time..."

6. No excessive PhotoShopping. Adding effects to the background, removing red eye is fine, but don't change your features. That would be cheating!

7. You must have 3 pictures to be voted on. You may dress up any way you'd like; in costume or everyday attire.

8. You must have three votes that agree on the same character or seven votes in total to be stamped. However, it may take a week or two before you are stamped. Please be patient.

9. Once you are stamped, if you decide you want to use it on your info page or something else, please upload it to your own server (I use Photobucket), and link it back to of_fantasy.

10. If you are VERY unhappy with your result, may reapply 2 weeks after your result (my STAMPED post) has been posted. In the meanwhile, if you have the time, I recommend re-watching the movie your stamp is from, and see if that character is anything like you; You may learn something new about yourself, or find a new character to identify with! Or you may totally hate them and count the days until you can try again! :3

Stamped Members

1. Please be nice to each other. I don't want to have to ban anyone.

2. You may pick up to two characters from the list given. Please give at least one reason why if possible, and bold the name of the character(s).

3. Both guys and girls are welcome!

4. Only mods and our Stamping Faerie fallnmorninstar may stamp members.

5. Please put the word "stamped" in the title line of all your entries following your introductory post. But only when you make new posts, not when you comment in them.

6. You may promote here; all I ask is that the community be somewhat related to this one's interests - like a rating community or one that deals with fantasy movies - and that you mention the word "promotion" somewhere in the title. Promoting us back is much appreciated!

Stamped Members List


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Sir Didymus
The Firies
The Worm

The Lord of Darkness

The Dark Crystal

The Chancellor

The Neverending Story

The Childlike Empress
Mr. Koreander


Queen Bavmorda

The Mouse

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